Sunday, February 5, 2017

Baby Blues

Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression are a real thing and it sucks. I had postpartum depression after I had Mason and it was one of the hardest things I've ever gone through. So hard, it made me scared to ever have another baby because I never wanted to feel like that again. But we didn't want just one child. After I had Annie, I didn't have postpartum depression but I definitely had the "baby blues". I'd randomly cry and I felt sad that it wasn't just me and Mason anymore. But I got over it pretty quickly and soon couldn't imagine life without her! After I had Paige I didn't really have postpartum depression or baby blues because I never cried or felt like crying like I did after having the first two. But I did have feelings of regret because Paige was very hard as a new baby. She cried almost constantly, especially in the evenings, and I remember thinking that I didn't know how I was going to get through this and wished we had stopped after having 2. So I guess those feelings were some type of postpartum emotions because obviously I didn't actually regret having her. Of course, we got through that and she quickly became our most snuggly and affectionate child and couldn't get enough of her. I still can't get enough of her and she's almost 4! It's like I have to go through these really hard times every time we have a new baby before I can really enjoy our new family life. Hard and annoying but so worth it. It's been 11 days since having Ashton and I still find myself crying randomly. It's not as bad as I've had in the past though. For example, I have absolutely no feelings of regret or wishing we had stuck with just 3 kids. I love this new baby boy so much it hurts. I find myself not wanting to put him down because I love holding him so much. He is so sweet and I can't stop kissing his chubby cheeks. But I still cry. I normally hate "Hallmark" movies because they're so sappy but that's all I feel like watching lately! Wholesome goodness. Lol! I'd categorize this 4th baby postpartum feelings as the "baby blues". Just feeling randomly sad sometimes and crying here and there. I don't really feel like chatting with anyone. I get a little sad sometimes when I realize that things are different now with a baby and I really long for things to feel 100% normal like right before we had Ashton. I know it will all become a new normal soon and I can't wait for that. This is my 4th time going through this, each time is a little different and even though I'm going through these frustrating emotions once again, I consider it a blessing that I have the unconditional love for Ashton that I do with absolutely no feelings of regret that postpartum emotions can sometimes trick you into feeling. And for that I am very thankful. I think for the first time, I'm actually enjoying the newborn phase. In the past, I haven't enjoyed it. I'd get actual anxiety before bedtime knowing I wasn't going to sleep well at all. This time around, at bed time, I just snuggle in bed with Ashton, surrounded by blankets and pillows and turn the TV on and just enjoy holding him. It feels really good to finally enjoy this phase. Only took 4 times to get here!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Ashton Tanner Carr

Ashton Tanner Carr is here! He made his debut on January 25th, 2017 and we're all in love. He is so sweet and mellow and just a bundle of pure goodness. He came at 1:11 in the afternoon and weighed a whopping 9 pounds 8 ounces and was 20 inches long. He came a week and 2 days early which was pretty surprising to me. But I guess it shouldn't be too surprising since I had been dilated to a 5 and 70% effaced for a week. I knew it could happen any time.

I started having regular contractions right at midnight on the 25th. They were consistently 4-5 minutes apart and after about 15 minutes of them, I woke Chris up and let him know. Things happened very similar with Annie, and with her, after 3 hours of consistent contractions and already being dilated to a 4 for over a week, the contractions turned painful quickly and I was dilated to an 8 and in A LOT of pain by the time I got to the hospital. I did NOT want that to happen again so as soon as I noticed these regular contractions, I got nervous. I called my mom and let her know this could be it. She and my dad recommended waiting a half hour or so, so Chris went back to bed and I started getting ready to go to the hospital...just in case. I did my hair and got the last minute things packed into my bag. My mom stayed awake at her house and we texted back and forth for a while. I'd text her every time I had a contraction. They ranged from 2 minutes to 8 minutes but averaged 5 minutes apart. After over 2 hours I got one that felt stronger than all the others and that was all I needed to feel to make the decision to stop waiting and get to the hospital. This baby was coming! I was so nervous but so excited at the same time. 9 months of waiting and the time was finally here to meet this baby boy.

My parents came over and Chris and I headed to the hospital. I was still having regular contractions but they were not painful. The hospital I delivered at was Scripps Encinitas and only about 15-20 minutes away. So far, it wasn't turning out like labor with Annie like I was afraid of. We weren't speeding to get there because I wasn't in any pain. I kept waiting for the pain to hit but it didn't. I started wondering if this was all just false labor. We checked in, they put me in a room, I changed, and then the nurse came in to see where I was at. I assumed after having all of these contractions that I had to be more than a 5. Turns out, I was dilated to a....5. Ugh I was frustrated. What did this even mean?! So the nurse said what they wanted me to do was pace around the room (or hospital, but I preferred the room) for and hour and a half and see if that did anything. If not, they might say to go home. If I dilated more, I'd be admitted. So the pacing started. Chris lied down and I started walking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. This was actually pretty awful because when I'm pregnant and due, the pressure I get is pretty bad and I have to take sitting breaks, not because I'm tired but because I start feeling like my body is falling apart. After an hour I called the nurse in. I told her that I was pretty sure this wasn't changing anything. I was still getting contractions but nothing more intense. She checked me and said I was now dilated to a 6! That was surprising. So now what? The nurse went and talked to the doctor and came back and said that since I was dilated to a 6, this was going to happen eventually and going home didn't make much sense, especially because they knew I really wanted an epidural before the painful contractions really started. This was it! We were having a baby!

Once I was admitted, the nurse recommended getting things done quickly because the contractions could get worse any minute. The plan was to get the paperwork signed, get my water broken, and then get the epidural right away. So that's what they did. Once my water was broken, the anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural. He did awesome. I've had bad experiences in the past so I was pretty nervous to get the epidural and I started crying. Not because it even hurt. I don't know why I started crying because I seriously barely felt it! Well, turns out my body does not react well to getting epidurals. Something similar happened when I got one with one of my previous babies. Can't remember which one. Anyway, after he did it, I started feeling really weird. My heart rate went crazy. I felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest. When I said something about it, I heard the nurse say in a concerned voice to the anesthesiologist, "Heart rate is 163." That didn't sound good. I then said I did not feel well. I literally felt like life was being sucked out of me. I don't know how else to describe it. My closed my eyes and concentrated on breathing. It's all I could think to do because I could tell I was about to have a panic attack. Then I heard the nurse say, "Blood pressure is 60 over 30." That didn't sound good either. I was panicking inside. I asked if I was going to pass out or stop breathing. The anesthesiologist said no and that everything would be ok. He gave me a shot of something to get my blood pressure under control and that made all the difference. My blood pressure and heart rate stabilized, and I could feel color coming back to my face. In fact, the nurse even said "Your lips have color again." I guess my lips and face had gone white during all of that craziness.

The baby remained stable during all of that, thank goodness. My contractions were regular but too far apart. They were about 6 minutes apart and not super strong. So they gave me a little pitocin to get things going. That helped and soon they were getting closer together. They checked me and I was at about an 8. At one point the nurse checked me again and that examination went on waaaay too long. Why was this taking so long? She finished and said, "I'm going to be honest. That was the strangest examination I have ever done." What the heck did that mean?! Don't say things like that to me! She said not long before, the baby's head was down where it was supposed to me and everything was looking good. But that time, she said the baby's head was just...GONE. WHAT?! So I asked, "What does that mean??" She said that the baby might have decided to flip inside which meant that I could not deliver vaginally. Then I lost it. I covered my face with my hands and started balling. Not that having a C-section is the worst thing ever of course, but that was never my plan and it freaked me out hearing that and I lost it. Chris was sweet and tried comforting me but I was just too upset and couldn't stop crying. So then the doctor came in and checked for herself. Turns out I had a SECOND bag of water in there and it was blocking the baby's head and that's why the nurse couldn't find it. So weird! I didn't know there could be multiple bags of water. So she popped it and things continued.

Once I was a 10, they had me push and the contractions were just too far apart at that time and the baby wasn't quite low enough so they decided it was pointless to try to push him out. So we waited a little bit longer. Finally, the contractions were very close together and the baby's head was very low and ready. I pushed through I think 3 or 4 contractions and out he came! We were all pretty surprised at how big he was. We had been guessing around the 7 pound area because I was over a week early. They put him directly on my chest and it was an amazing moment. He was very calm and just lied there. Only cried for a second. He was purplish but no one seemed alarmed so I guess that was ok. I just lied there holding him, feeling so grateful that he was here safe and everything was ok. Chris and my mom were by my side the entire time, which was very nice.

I decided I didn't want visitors after having Ashton because I was incredibly nervous about the surgery that I was about to have. Chris and I knew we wanted to be done having kids after Ashton so we decided I'd get my tubes tied. The reason I was so nervous is because they'd be delivering medicine through the catheter from the original epidural and said there is a possibility that I could have the same reaction I had earlier. Well that reaction was AWFUL so I was pretty nervous about having to go through that again. I felt bad telling my sister, Kim and Chris' mom that visitors weren't a good idea. Normally I'd love for visitors to come meet the new baby, but not this time. My sister, Courtney didn't know we didn't want visitors so she and Troy showed up but it was totally fine. Fun to see some family members and show off our new little addition. I was super bummed that my kids couldn't come because the timing with the surgery made it so that it wouldn't work for them to come visit. We ended up going home the next day so the kids never even came to the hospital, which I was really bummed about but we were very ready to go home that next day. Chris and I don't sleep well at all in hospital beds. So the first time they met the kids was right outside our house. We got home right when my mom got home from picking up Mason and Annie from school. It was so fun to see them see Ashton for the first time. The tubal surgery went well. They knew how nervous I was so they gave me some anxiety medication which must have helped because I didn't panic at all. I was awake for the surgery and there was just a big blue sheet in front of my face so I couldn't see anything. Chris stayed in the hospital room with Ashton during the surgery.

Annie got the flu 4 days after Ashton was born which was super stressful for me. That's the last thing you want to deal with after having a baby! Chris took over taking care of the kids while I banned myself and Ashton to our bedroom to avoid the sickness spreading. Then all 3 kids got pretty bad colds. Ugh so frustrating. They all still have colds but Mason and Annie are slowly getting better. Paige on the other hand still has a pretty bad cold. I'm bummed they all have to stay away from the baby.

Ashton's due date was yesterday and he's already 9 days old! Things are going really well. The hardest part has been dealing with annoying postpartum emotions but even that is starting to go away, thank goodness. (I struggle with that part. It's just not fun crying randomly and feeling so emotional!) He is very sweet and very alert when he's awake and only cries when he's hungry or tired. That's when all babies cry, right? Wrong! Paige cried all. Of. The. Time. Poor girl was just uncomfortable all the time. So far, Ashton does not seem to be that way. A constantly upset baby is VERY hard. He got circumcised today. Something both Chris and I have been dreading but it went well. Chris was with him and I was in the room next door. So in 7-10 days he should be all healed. We sure love our newest little addition.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A New Year: January 2017

Wow, it's been a while. Time to get this thing going again. Being consistent with journal writing goes in phases with me so I'm thinking I could be better using the blog. 

Well, I am 39 weeks pregnant in 2 days! Almost there! I had my prenatal appointment yesterday and I am dilated to a FIVE and 70-80% effaced!! I was dilated to a 4 with either Annie or Paige for a couple weeks but I've never just been home living life normally at a 5. It's January 24th...8 days until February 1st, which is when I'm trying to make it to. I think it would be fun for my family to then have consecutive monthly birthdays in February, March, April, May, June, July. Haha! But I'm not sure I'll make it 8 more days! 

Let's see...Chris is still at Chase Bank. He's been doing great at work and was announced as one of the top employees recently and finally got a raise. Boo-yah!! He broke his foot over 3 months ago hitting a rock while dirt bike riding and still isn't better. He's ready to get active again playing basketball and paddle boarding but he can't because it foot still hurts. :( That hasn't stopped him from going on two dirt bike rides recently though.

Mason is in third grade now and doing great. His teacher says he's one of the best students. Third grade is definitely the toughest so far. He's having to memorize lots multiplication facts and he's learning a new math concept it seems every week. He gets stressed but he's doing really well. He's still taking piano lessons from my mom and doing really well. It's hard learning new songs and he's learning to play with both hands at the same time and gets pretty frustrated during practice but he's hanging in there. He has been taking swim lessons for the past few months and really loving it. He seems to be a natural at swimming. Sometimes the other kids are faster but when you compare technique, Mason has the techniques DOWN. It's so cool to watch. He has never shown much interest in sports (except basketball which he plays at recess at school), so it's fun to see him learning to love a sport. His favorite stroke is the breaststroke. His best friends at school are Zachary and Luke. 

Annie is in first grade and doing great! She was Student of the Month last week and we're so proud of her! Her teacher says she is very kind, helps others, and works really hard. She's getting good at reading and tries very hard. She doesn't complain when it's time to do homework, even if she doesn't want to. She is also very helpful at home. When I ask the kids to clean up, Annie is always the first to start. She asks me lots of questions about life and thinks a lot about her future. Lately she asked me about my college experience and wanted to tell me all of the things she wants to do when she grows up. She wants to be a mom but also thinks about being a school teacher, gymnastics teacher, ballet teacher, and a veterinarian. Annie goes to a ballet class every Wednesday evening. She says because of ballet, she now loves to stretch and feels so good when she does. :) Her teachers are awesome and Annie is doing great. She's also taking piano lessons from my mom and doing really well. She had her first piano recital last month and did awesome! She is very into fashion. She takes her time thinking of her outfit every day and her favorite gifts she got for Christmas were all the clothes. ;) She is also very social and loooves being with her friends. Her best friends are Liv and Evelyn.

Paige is 3 and home with me every day. She is my little snugly buddy and I love her companionship. She still sucks her thumb and grabs my ear when we snuggle next to each other. I love it and want her to stay 3 forever! She's our most adventurous child, usually up for pretty much anything. She LOVES camping trips with Chris. I take her to the local library puppet show every Friday where she gets to see a few friends from church. She also loves being a Sunbeam at church. She'll start preschool in the Fall. 

Life is good. Busy and good. I'm really excited to have this baby boy! (Who we still don't have a name for!) As excited as I am about him, I'm also very excited to be done being pregnant forever! Chris and I are ready to move on to the next stages in life. Which will make us enjoy this last baby even more, knowing he's our last.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mason Starts First Grade

Mason had his second day of first grade today. He goes to La Costa Meadows Elementary school. I'm always nervous before school. Will he like school? Will his teacher be nice? Will he understand everything? Will he make new friends?

I missed him immediately after dropping him off yesterday. I was excited to pick him up at 3:10. When I asked him if he had a good first day he said "Yep!" He said his most favorite part is that he has his very own desk. With his name on it and a cubby and it's all his own, for the whole year. His least favorite part was P.E. He said it was too hot and boring. (He got very sunburned so I'll be putting sunscreen on him every day from now on.) But besides P.E. being too hot and boring, he absolutely loves school. I asked him if his teacher is nice. He said "My teacher is TOO nice!" meaning he loves her.

I don't know why I get so worried about him before school starts. I guess it's my job. A friend reminded me of that today. Mason continues to surprise me each year. I'm realizing that he's got his life pretty much under control. This kid loves school. Good thing since it'll be a huge chunk of his life for the next 16 years. Many parents worry about the adjustment going from short kindergarten days to all day. I asked him if he wishes he was back at kindergarten going only 3 hours to school or if he likes going 6 hours to school. His reply: "6!" That a boy, Mason. I love that my girls have such a good example to look up to.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Paige Courtney Carr

As I've heard my mom tell a few people lately... "We went to Lake Tahoe with Courtney and came home with Paige."

That's right. We changed our daughter's name at 15 months old.

The day before I gave birth to our third child, we had a name in mind but weren't 100% positive about it. So that night we came up with the name Courtney. I've always loved the name Courtney. My sister's name is Courtney. I remember Chris and I talking when we were first married about our future babies names and wishing we could use the name Courtney but felt we couldn't because it's my sister's name. As we sat there trying hard to come up with the right name, we thought "why not?" Yes, it's my sister's name, but how cool for our little girl to be named after her aunt who is such a wonderful person? We loved it and were excited about it.

It felt a little weird calling her Courtney right after she was born, but that seemed normal and was even expected since it was different to be naming her after my sister (who is alive and well). The problem is, the weirdness never went away for both me or Chris. But we never really talked about it. As she got older, we found ourselves calling her nicknames to avoid calling her Courtney just to avoid the weirdness. But at this point, actually changing her name never even crossed my mind.

We went to Lake Tahoe in the middle of July. The baby was 15 months old. While Chris and I were driving back to our cabin after hiking Eagle Lake with the family, her name came up. We talked about how we both felt like it was still awkward calling her Courtney. We were bummed about it feeling awkward and those feelings were totally unexpected by both of us. We started feeling like we wanted our little girl to have a name all her own. Her own identity. We decided on that drive to change her name. I don't know how the name "Paige" came up but it did and we both loved it...instantly. We looked at her sitting in the back of the car and she looked like a "Paige". We have a hard time agreeing on names for our kids so when one comes up that we agree on, it's easy to know it is right.  It was funny to notice when we got back to the cabin that day, we noticed a sign on the rental cabin that said "The Page Family". Funny, huh?

We didn't want to get rid of the name Courtney though. It was her name for the first 15 months of her life. A name that I have always loved. The name of my sister who was one of my best friends growing up. So it was easy to decide to make Courtney her middle name.

We told Mason and Annie first about the name change in Lake Tahoe. Mason was thrilled. He had a classmate at school named Paige and loved the name. Annie on the other hand was upset about it. She did not want to change her name to Paige. When we asked her why, with her head bowed and a huge frown on her face, she said "Because I want to name her Annie". We smiled and told her that when she has kids in the future, she gets to name them what ever she wants. That made her happy again.  And then she told us she would name her daughter Elsa and her son Dinosaur. You go girl.

It took a couple weeks for us all to really get used to it. Now one month later, we rarely accidentally call her Courtney anymore and she knows her name is Paige.

Since Courtney is her middle name, for all I know, she may decide to go by Courtney some day. And I would be 100% okay with that. I love both names.

Paige Courtney Carr.  

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Last night my parents came over for dinner along with my cousin and his wife and their little boy. While we were waiting for my cousin and his family to show up, my dad told me what had happened at church earlier that day.

My family sits with my dad every Sunday at church. Mason and Annie usually fight over who gets to sit closer to grandpa. So yesterday Annie got comfortable on my dad's lap and they started coloring.

Before church, my dad had a sandwich that had raw onions on it. While they were coloring at church, their heads were pretty close to each other. As they were sitting there coloring, Annie stopped, looked at my dad, and very seriously and matter of factly said to him,


"Your breath is disgusting."

No laughing. No other words were said. They went right back to coloring.

I died of laughter when my dad told me this.  I assured him I'd have a conversation with her about politeness. My dad said she was absolutely not trying to be mean or impolite or anything like that. It was the simple and real honesty of a four year old and he said it was the most adorable thing he had ever heard.

I am so glad my dad shared this story with me because it's definitely not one to be forgotten. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wow, another year has gone by!  Welcome 2013!  We have lots happening this year.  It's gonna be a good one.

What have we been up to....

We are expecting our third child in 2 months!  Another sweet little girl.  We cannot WAIT!  We have a name picked out but we like to keep it a secret until the birth.  ;)  The pregnancy is going well.  I'm 32 weeks along and feel pretty ready to have this baby already.  I'm glad I have 2 months though because when it comes to actually being really "READY" for a baby, I'm not there yet.  I don't have all the baby girl clothes out or anything like that.  I'm just ready to be done being pregnant.  Haha.  Let's just say the constant heartburn, pressure, very painful leg cramps in the middle of the night, not being able to sleep at night, etc. takes its toll and knowing I have 2 more months does stress me out...just a little.  But we are so excited to have another baby!

Some random car info.... Since we're having a third child, we decided to upgrade our family vehicle from our 4Runner, which we loved, to a 2005 Sequoia.  We love it.  The 4Runner was a great car, but fitting 3 car seats or even 2 car seats and a booster was just too tight.  It would have been almost impossible to buckle Mason in a booster.  We drove an hour and a half to get this car that we found online because it was such a great deal.  We saved money on taxes by buying it on the last day in 2012 because taxes went up on January 1st.  It's so nice having a car with so much room!

We sold our condo back in October.  We felt like it was a good time to do it and it all turned out really well for us.  We bought it over 3 1/2 years ago as a foreclosure.  It needed A LOT of work.  In fact, the first time we walked through it I said, "There is no way we are living here."  But we were able to see the potential in the condo and we loved the location.  There's a saying when it comes to buying a home...  "location, location, location".  It's true.  We put a lot of work and upgrades into the condo and it all paid off.  So now we are currently renting the condo from the people who bought it from us.  It's kind of weird living here and it not being "ours" anymore.  I feel like it is still ours.  But then I remember that it's not...which is weird.  We're lucky to be in such a convenient situation.  Rather than moving out and having to rent somewhere temporarily while we look for a home, we've been able to stay right here.   We have an offer in on a house.  A 3 bedroom twin home in Carlsbad, not far from where we live now.  It's a short sale so it takes time.  Lots of time.  It's been 3 months and we're hoping to hear something in the next few weeks. HOPEFULLY before we have a baby in 2 months!  But I'm kind of preparing myself that it's probably not going to happen before we have the baby.

Now...about our little Mason.  Mason turns 5 in March, which means that he will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall!  Crazy.  He is in preschool right now and absolutely loves it.  It's been a great experience for him.  Yes, I shed a few tears the first day I dropped him off at preschool.  And that was just preschool.  I can't imagine how I'm going to feel the day I drop him off at kindergarten.  Mason is the sweetest little boy in the world and the best big brother.  He is our calm, mellow child who loves to make his mom and dad proud.  He keeps his little sister in line.  He is a great listener and loves to learn new things.  His interests right now are dinosaurs of course.  He loves them and has for the past couple years!  He knows them all.  He has some special books about dinosaurs and loves to read about them.  He has even said that when he grows up he wants to be a paleontologist.  :)  That was a couple months ago.  He also loves his first lego set that he got for Christmas.  I'd say Mason's biggest interest lately though is drawing and coloring.  This is a new interest that has happened since right before his surgery.  Mason had the flu so we were at home for a week straight and then we didn't go anywhere for a while obviously after the surgery and so we bought a lot of coloring books.  He has colored a little in the past of course, but was never very excited with it or anything.  He now has a real interest in it.  He draws the CUTEST people.  I am not kidding.  They are the cutest little people drawings I have ever seen in my life!  He has become such a great colorer.  When I look at how he colored last Fall to how he colors now, the difference is amazing.  He colors right in the lines and loves to do it and gets so proud of himself for coloring in the lines.  I have always had a love for coloring and drawing so it makes me really happy that Mason has that same love.  :)  He is getting better at writing his letters.  This has been a struggle for him.  But the more we work on it, the better he's getting.  Mason and I have started doing reading lessons while Annie naps.  He is doing great.  The writing part is the hardest for him, but he gets through every lesson every time and he is always so proud of himself when he learns to write a new letter on his own.  He gets to put a sticker on his special sticker chart and a special chewy sour candy after each lesson which makes it extra exciting for him.  I have slacked on our reading lessons since Christmas.  We were doing it every day.  Today we finally did it and he picked up right where we left off.  It's so cute listening to him sound out words.  We signed Mason up for pee wee soccer.  It was supposed to start last Saturday but it was raining so it was cancelled.  So this Saturday will be his first day.  We went over to the park this evening when Chris got home to kick the ball around.  He loved it.  He's nervous about being on an actual soccer team but we think that once he tries it, he's going to love it.    

And then there's our sweetheart, Annie.  Annie is 2 1/2 and will be three in July.  She wishes she was four so that she could go to Mason's preschool.  She mentions it practically every time we drop Mason off and pick him up.  It's pretty funny.  She is our more outgoing child, always up for anything, anytime, anywhere.  She's good at just going with the flow.  It's a little hard for her watching Mason go to school three days a week.  She wants to go with him so bad.  It's nice though having one on one time with her.  That's our time to get errands done or go to the park, just the two of us.  Sometimes I schedule playdates with a friend or her cousin while Mason's at school.  And sometimes we just come home and play together with her toys.  She really loves that one on one time with me, and so do I.  :)  She sure loves her brother.  She follows him around everywhere and they play really well together.  Sure, sharing is her struggle in life right now but she's learning.  It's cute-they've started playing with their little toys together making them talk and kind of playing "house".  I love it.  Her main interests right now are her little baby that she got for Christmas and also playing with Mason.  She pushes her baby around in her stroller or shopping cart and pretends to go to Costco to get some food.  She puts on her backpack that is literally so full with random stuff that not one more toy could possibly be squeezed inside.  She is such a little girl.  What I mean by that is that she does not...stop...talking.  It makes Chris and I laugh.  She'll just talk and talk.  Even if she's in the other room where no one else is, she'll still be talking assuming we are all listening.  It's so cute.

They have very different personalities and yet they get along so well with each other.  They are both little cuddlers which I just love.  I can't wait to add another one to our family.  It'll be fun to see what this next little one will look like and what her sweet personality will be like.  Shy like Mason or chatty like Annie?  

Chris is still working at JP Morgan Chase Bank.  He is very good at his job.  They are making changes at his branch in the next few months and we're hoping things work out for him and they put him where he is hoping to be.  Along with doing well in his career, he is such a great dad and husband.  Since I've been pregnant, he has really stepped it up with helping with the home life.  When I'm exhausted at the end of the day, he's up for playing with the kiddos and gets them up in the mornings and feeds them breakfast which is huge for me!  I can't lift heavy things right now so Chris has become our laundry man.  Laundry is down the stairs, outside and around the corner.  He even puts clothes away sometimes and as weird as this sounds, I actually find it really cute to see where he puts my clothes away.  Haha.  I love him...a lot.  Oh have I mentioned how READY we are to have our VERY OWN washing machine and dryer INSIDE our home??  We cannot WAIT for that!  That, and also having an attached two car garage.  Something so many people have that we are just dying...I mean, waiting patiently for.  ;)  And one of the biggest things also we can't wait for is an actual YARD just to ourselves!  Oh my goodness, those three things might actually come true here soon.  Right now it's just a dream of ours.  You know what though?  Although it kind of pains me to say this, I'm actually grateful that we've lived in a two bedroom condo without a washer and dryer, and without an attached two car garage, and without a yard.  Because when we do finally move and get those amazing things, we are going to be so much more grateful to have them.  We'll know what it's like to live without them and it'll be that much sweeter.  :)  

So, here's to a good new year!  2013, bring it on!